Stop the abuse look

  1. Clean your face and apply lotion, foundation and concealer.
  2. Apply prime eyes with whatever primer you usually use.
  3. Apply a dark colored cream eyeshadow or a black eyeliner all over the lids and underneath the bottom waterline.
  4. Apply a black eyeshadow to the lids and underneath the bottom waterline, you do not have to be careful with how you apply this eyeshadow, since this look is directed towards abuse, you want it to look as if you have been through alot.
  5. Apply a deep red eyeshadow to the brow bone and blend it do it looks as if it's inflamed.
  6. Apply a wide, even line of eyelash glue on your cheek and let it become tacky.
  7. Using a toothpick, start in the middle of the line of glue and pull the tacky glue outwards, opening the center up.
  8. You should be able to see your skin in the middle of the glue.
  9. Apply a yellow colored eyeshadow over the dried glue, this will make it look infected.
  10. Apply a dark purple eyeshadow around the wound you just make on your cheek and blend, this will make it look bruised.
  11. Apply a dark red eyeshadow on the outside of the purple eyeshadow you just used, this will make it look inflamed.
  12. Apply a blood shade red lip gloss in the middle of the wound where your skin is showing, this will make it look like blood.
  13. Follow steps 6-11 on your forehead to make another wound.
  14. Apply one wide strip pf eyelash glue going down your lips and let it become tacky.
  15. Pick away at the center as you did before, starting at the center and going outwards.
  16. Apply a dark purple and dark red eyeshadow around the corner of your mouth to make it look like it's bruised.
  17. Also apply the purple eyeshadow around the glue on your lips.
  18. Apply a medium shade red lip gloss inside of your nose a little bit and dab it down until you have the glue on your lip.
  19. Apply that same red lip gloss in the center of the glue where u can see the skin on your lips.
  20. Apply eyeliner to the top lids and bottom waterline.
  21. Apply just mascara, I would say use false eyelashes but you want this look to be natural.
  22. Apply more purple and red eyeshadow wherever you want it to look more bruised and inflamed. Now you're done!
~"Domestic violence is America's hidden war. And the battleground is in all of our homes."~


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